Gaming Mic For PC

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*Keep the volume all the way down when plugging the mic into USB port, and gradually turn volume up for the perfect effect during the use

*Volume control
Volume up:
Clockwise(turn right)
Volume down
Counter clock wise (turn left)
Mute:Counter clock wise(Turn maximum left)

*Stand installation and adjustment
the mic can be rotated 180° angel

*No matter how you adjust the angle or position of the mic, make sure the mic capsule is pointingas your mouth in order to achieve the best pick up effect

*Monitoring and function
3.5mm (1/8") earphone output
Mute switch
Noise refuction switch
RGB lighting effects

*Multi-program compatible
One plug and play microphone for streaming on PC, PS4, PS5 ,MAC. Clear voice quality with excellent sound for clear communication. Suitable for game lovers, video producers and audio producers.

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